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Christian Hunter is a very small, privately owned company with a proven track record of designing and building exciting new shotguns. The company enjoys total creative freedom and produces, what many experts agree to be, some of the finest guns in the world.

The designs, both mechanically and aesthetically, represent the perfect balance of technologically advanced procedures combined with the ancient art of gun making. Through years of research and development with a team of qualified engineers, technicians and draftsman we have combined the best materials, procedures and highly skilled individuals to produce a very respected gun.

Building a shotgun exercises great patience. Every single part of each gun is hand polished, and the all sharp edges are chamfered, without rounding them. It is the legacy of the master craftsmen that is the heart and soul of the Christian Hunter. Each gun requires approximately thirteen hundred different steps by highly skilled people and an untold number of hours.

Being experts in the field, we specialise in creating the most suitable guns for our client’s demands and pride ourselves in understanding what the shooter requires, seeking to deliver the very best. Our aim is to produce top end, modern sporting shotguns to exceptional standards. These beautiful guns are not just built to be aesthetically pleasing but to function perfectly every time. Our first class service is second to none when it comes to customer care and it is our priority to follow the life of every gun and ensure the customer’s demands are always seamlessly met.

Christian Hunter guns are built by the Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company in New Britain, USA to the very highest world standard. Their extreme attention to detail ensures their clients have confidence in receiving the best possible gun. As soon as these guns arrive in the UK they are tested for proof at either the London or Birmingham Proof Houses where they undergo the UK’s rigorous testing procedure for barrel perfection.  Once passed, the Christian Hunter guns are endorsed with the official Proof Marks.

These superb guns are built with great pride and are expected to be handed down from generation to generation.



  • "Magnificent true scaled frame over and unders. I don't think a better gun can be had for any amount of money. The fit and finish of these guns have been beyond compare. This over and under is the only small frame, low profile, full side lock over and under that I currently shoot that has withstood the test of time in the field without a hitch." - R.H.
  • “I couldn't be happier with my Christian Hunter! I just finished 3 days driven shooting in the West Country, putting about 300 cartridges  through each They handled like a dream! To add to that  I also received a lot of compliments from the rest of the team about their looks”