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The Christian Hunter is an over and under shotgun with a very low profile. It is a hand detachable full sidelock, which is the very highest form of the gunmakers art. It is NOT a boxlock gun with side plates.

Each of our guns are hand crafted and parts are inspected by state of the art computer coordinate measuring machines. State of the art horizontal machining and electrical discharge machining (EDM) technology is used to ensure the absolute best final product. Computer generated designs are used to produce the ultimate shotgun and all barrels are honed inside and out for perfect patterning. Our action is one of the lowest profile sidelock shotguns on the market with the shallowest frame design with real strength. All barrels are Cryo Patterned™ for optimum shooting performance with our trademarked Tuffbore™ barrels allowing you to shoot lead, Steel or any composite shot that we know of. Due to the action being such a precise design we have created one of the most reliable Single selective triggers on the market.

The Christian Hunter is a true side lock Over and Under shotgun and is available as a game gun or sporter. Our guns are truly bespoke to the user, creating the perfect shooting companion. With a huge choice of options these guns are made to improve the shooters performance

Each gun goes through stringent inspections and every component is checked indicividaully during manufacture process to an extremely high standard. At the end of manufacture each gun is then inspected for its over all appearance and tested on the shooting grounds repeatedly to make sure there are no defects of any kind.

At the end of this process every gun is then inspected by the CEO of the company so we can guarantee quality, reliability and performance.

These are some of the ways we ensure that the gun you buy from us is the very best.




  • "Magnificent true scaled frame over and unders. I don't think a better gun can be had for any amount of money. The fit and finish of these guns have been beyond compare. This over and under is the only small frame, low profile, full side lock over and under that I currently shoot that has withstood the test of time in the field without a hitch." - R.H.
  • “I couldn't be happier with my Christian Hunter! I just finished 3 days driven shooting in the West Country, putting about 300 cartridges  through each They handled like a dream! To add to that  I also received a lot of compliments from the rest of the team about their looks”